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Hunting Working Airedales, Inc.

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HWA Board of Directors
Board of Directors:

President: Mary Wright

Vice-President: Susan Hogsette

Secretary: Kimberly Zaborniak

Treasurer: Kate Ostrowski

Directors At Large:

Sherri Glass, Cindy Green, John Noland & Linda Potter

Membership Chair:

Kim Zaborniak

Events Planning Committee:

Sherri Glass

Chris Halvorson

Rob Hogsette

Diane Maxwell

Ben Potter

Mary Wright

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A Letter from the President

HWA members, Happy New Year!

 I want to introduce myself as the new president of HWA for the next 2 yrs. But before I do that, I want to thank Chris Halvorson for all her many years not only as her total of 8 yrs as president, but for all the other things she has done for this organization and the MANY hours doing everything she can to keep this group going and making as much progress as it has made. And to all the other planning and Board members over the past. There would never be the success this organization has made without all of them.

 I have been in Airedales for about 35 yrs. I become involved in HWA about 10 yrs, but not until my current dog was I able to fully participate. I initially became involved when I first saw Airedales run loose in a field and didn’t run away. I was amazed and wanted that for any dog I had. I have learned so much about field work, met so many wonderful people, and been able to travel with my dog for events. I also got involved in Obedience competition, as this is so necessary for the field. We are enjoying this also.

 I agreed to take this position because there were no other candidates able to do it. I am still working full time, train my Airedale, Journey, and am currently training a service dog puppy. I am single, so I also have all my household tasks to maintain. I also have VERY little computer abilities. I often don’t look at emails more than a couple times a week. I tell you this in case I am not as quick as responding to emails. Chris has agreed to continue taking care of posting on the web site and keeping up with Facebook (I don’t do Facebook). I am so grateful for this.

 No one knows what the next year of two will bring for any of us including the HWA organization. Initial goals of getting the Airedale approved by AKC to participate in all field events have been met. I am committed to do what I can to keep the organization viable, but we need all of us to be involved in what ever way you can.

 I look forward to seeing as many of you at Fun in the Field and our annual fall Nationals and appreciate any help and participation you can offer HWA.


Mary Wright

January 1, 2023

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HWA always strives to educate newcomers, encourage experienced dog owners to "go to the next level" and increase interest in our breed's hunting & working talents, we'd like to organize even more regional events. Please contact us if you’d like to help plan or work on a HWA eventin your area.